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We specialise in supporting professionals who have been forcibly displaced to re-establish themselves in a new country by resuming their careers

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Maximize your chances of getting back to work quickly and confidently by gaining access to our specialized video content platform dedicated to helping you navigate and overcome the challenges of resuming your career. Discover the answers you need and learn the techniques to get back on the job market and move your career forward faster.

Discord community

Network with others who have similarly experienced displacement and expand your professional connections through our online community on Discord. Our community provides a platform to meet professionals ready to lend a helping hand, open doors to new opportunities, and provide vital market insights to help you along your career journey. Get connected with like-minded people and build meaningful connections.

Events & workshops

Get ahead of the game and unlock your potential! Our exclusive events and workshops led by industry experts go beyond the basics and will maximize your chances of success. Get invaluable insights that'll drive you to success in the new market. Take charge of your growth and unlock your potential with the powerful tools you'll learn from these exclusive events and workshops.


Expand your network, reach new heights, and increase your market value with our exclusive High-Performers Program! Join the ranks of highly successful professionals and get the insider knowledge and connections to help you reenter your industry with a competitive edge. Our comprehensive program provides the focus, strategy, and execution needed to make a successful transition. Be ready to reach new heights and maximize your potential.

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We are building a community based on the principle of reciprocity

Today you are the one who needs some support and tomorrow you will be the one in a position to support someone else in the same situation.

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One of the things that matter most to us at Blue Hope is ensuring that we are able to facilitate the creation of meaningful connections between the people in our community, especially for those that arrive in a new country and feel lonely.

Blanca Bravo

Project Manager at Blue Hope

Frequently asked questions

To accelerate the financial and social integration of professionals who have been forcibly displaced due to war, conflict, violence, and human rights violations. Problem we want to solve: Professionals who have been forcibly displaced struggle to find employment opportunities that match their experience and potential, leading to precariousness and complicating financial and social integration for themselves and their families.

Forcibly displaced professionals struggle to find employment opportunities that match their experience and potential, putting their financial and social integration and that of their families at risk.

A community dedicated to help forcibly displaced professionals tackle the challenges of setting up a life abroad, after having gone through a massive trauma, and losing everything they have worked so hard for. Because you shouldn't have to figure everything out on your own. The key to set up a successful life abroad starts with tapping into the right networks and accessing the opportunities that match your skills. We are aware that it is very difficult to tap into a foreign market, that is why Blue Hope exists. We help you prepare to succeed, create a strategy to land your dream job and we accompany you in the execution while connecting you with the right people who are there to help you succeed. Blue Hope connects the best people, resources and opportunities to create fresh starts in life.

Our workshops and events are completely free, and you just need to register your interest for each event you would like to attend. You will find a link to register your interest for every event in the 'Workshops and Events Section.'

If you know any professionals that have been forcibly displaced and might benefit from joining our community, you can share this form with them, and we will get back to them as soon as possible with the next steps!

Blue Hope does not provide technical training or bootcamps. Our efforts are directed towards the personal and professional development of our members through our events, workshops and our High-Performers Program. We specially focus on helping people improve their professional brand, gain self-confidence, position themselves in the new market, and access opportunities that match their potential.