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Our community supports professionals affected by conflict & human rights violations to relaunch successful careers abroad at peace

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I want to resume my career

Grow your professional network abroad, learn how the new market works and position yourself to access the best opportunities

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Meet a professional from your industry who have been forcibly displaced and help them kickstart their career in peace

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Since I joined Blue Hope I feel a radical change, growth and changes in my behaviour. I feel supported and every week I discover new things about the market and how to position myself to succeed.

Chief Marketing Officer from Ukraine

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What can you find at Blue Hope?

set for success

Set yourself up for success

Starting from scratch in a new country where you don't have a strong network or track record can be extremely difficult and frustrating. At Blue Hope we will help you set up a strategy to position yourself and access the opportunities that you deserve. There is no need for you to figure everything out on your own, our team of experts will analyse your professional background, as well as your skills and career goals, and advice you to kickstart your career.

Find answers

Starting up in a new country, with new cultural norms can feel overwhelming. At Blue Hope we have a content hub where you can access useful resources. We also run events and workshops to address the key challenges of entering a new job market. Our community of professionals and mentors, as well as the team of experts from Blue Hope, are there to help you figure things out so you can make the best decisions.

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create connections

Create meaningful connections

You are not alone. Our community is made up of great people who either have been forcibly displaced and are in the journey to resume their careers in peace or those very happy to welcome you into their home countries, who are willing to give you a hand and open a door for you. At Blue Hope we are all equal, and we believe in a pay it forward model, where we invest in those who need it the most, and them once these are in a much better situation, are asked to do the same and help those who need it next.

Access best opportunities

Talent is everywhere but opportunities are not. We are aware that the majority of opportunities stay within the closed circles of influence, and as a newcomer it is very difficult to access those circles. That’s why Blue Hope is creating its own network where we help our community tap into their circles of interest, so they too can have access to the best opportunities.

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Gain access to workshops and trainings delivered by the best professionals to help you kick off your career.

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Blue Hope has helped me feel more competitive and increased my self-confidence. It is an amazing community where I have made friends for life.


Product Owner from Ukraine

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