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Personal development is not linear

Personal development is not linear

If you are reading this, it is probably because you are interested in starting your path to personal development, or maybe because you are already in this process and you feel stuck at some point of the journey.

How do we define personal development?

Let’s start defining what personal development is. Personal development can be defined in many different ways. One of them can be the ability of human beings to learn from our life experiences and mistakes and be open to living new experiences that will help us grow and develop in different spheres.

There are multiple reasons why we decide to start a path into personal development. Maybe because some things are not working the way we would like them to be, or maybe because we feel stuck and we need to feel some movement and progress in our lives. Once we have spotted something that we would like to change, we start working on it. We start getting out of our comfort zone and learning from the process of adaptation. It is at this moment that we can say that we are in a process of personal development.

At the begging of the process, we are very motivated to change the habits we are not happy with or to take decisions out of our comfort zone, but at some point of the journey, it is very normal to start having the feeling that we have stopped progressing or that we have ‘failed’. This naturally causes lots of frustration. For this reason, when we start our journey into personal development, we need to understand that it is not going to be linear. Having realistic expectations will help us be more tolerant of our frustration, and that whenever we ‘fail’ we understand that it is completely normal and just a step more on the way. We have to understand that implementing or changing life habits is not a quick process.

We would like to share two tips that will help you deal with the frustration of not progressing: 1.

22 December 2022