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Find your passion

Find your passion

We all know someone who is not happy with his/her professional life. The reasons can be very varied, and in many cases, they are related to working conditions, work-life balance, etc. One of the most frequent reasons that can lead a person to be frustrated professionally is that their work is not connected with their values, and, above all, that the job they do does not make them feel fulfilled or that they are not passionate about it.

Many people see their work as a mere occupation that allows them to earn enough money to live with peace of mind. However, many other people need their professional lives to have a purpose, and to connect with their values and their most intrinsic passions. These are the people who always find the opportunity to talk about their work, and usually do so with pride and devotion. You may have felt a sense of envy when talking to these people, and thought, 'I wish I was as passionate about my job as she is'. Well, if you find yourself at this point, we want to give you some tips to help you reconnect with your passions, and hopefully serve as the first step to making a career change.

How can I connect with my passions and find what fulfills me?

1. Sit down, take a piece of paper, and answer the following questions: - How do you like to spend your free time? - How do you like to spend your free time? - Is there a topic I can't get enough of or read about? - What are your strengths or areas where you stand out? - How do you like to visualise your working day? You may find a common pattern after answering these questions.

2. Connect with your values. In order to feel fulfilled in our professional life, it is extremely important that our work connects with our values. You may never have sat down and thought about which five values are most important to you and why, but we assure you that when you do it, you will see much more clearly what kind of professions or occupations are best suited to you. The more you connect with your values, the more you will enjoy your professional activity, because you will be giving it meaning and a purpose.

3. Surround yourself with people who inspire you. If you have a pretty clear idea of what your values are and what you would like to achieve professionally but have no idea where to start, we recommend that you try to create a professional network of people you would like to be like. Ask yourself first, "What do these people have in common, and why would I want to be like them?" If you can connect with these people in a personal and direct way, don't miss the opportunity to ask them all your questions

4. Get down to work! If you are not sure whether you are passionate about an activity or not, it is probably because you have never tried it. We encourage you to take action and get involved. Whether it's in the form of volunteering, applying for an internship with a company, or practicing yourself if it's a more manual task, experiencing a certain job will give you a lot of clarity about your level of enjoyment. Training on the subject is also a very good way to find out if you are passionate about the subject or if you are bored by it.

5. Be patient and don't obsess about it. Finally, we want to convey the idea that finding a job you are passionate about is not always easy, and that many variables come into play. Often, our life circumstances prevent us from reaching our professional goals or dreams as quickly as we would like. In addition, we may change our vocation or passion several times during our lives, and it can be difficult to realise that we need a career change.

1 March 2023